Split transactions in the cash coding screen by using the ʻ/ʼ key

Click into a transaction and press /.
This opens the Spend Money box where you can split the transaction.
Type a percentage in the Amount cell to let Xero calculate the amount. For example, enter ʻ25%ʼ and Xero automatically enters 25% of the amount.

Use the cash coding screen to reconcile multiple transactions if you have several transactions from a payee.

First sort the transactions by payee, then hold down Shift and click the transactions to select them all.
Then, click into the payeeʼs account and code to the correct account.
Finally, click Tab and all the selected transactions will display that account code in the selected rows.

Open new tabs quickly in one of these ways:

  1. Click on the link with the right-hand button on your mouse and select Open in new tab.
  2. Press and hold Control on a PC, or Command on a Mac, and click the link.
  3. If your mouse has a clickable scroll wheel, press the wheel.

Use the ʻDiscussʼ tab to investigate transactions with your colleagues or your client

If there are transactions you’re unsure about, click the Discuss tab, leave notes and click save.