We bid farewell to Lynda Bixley recently. After more than 35 years working with the team, she’s now settling into retirement and life post-Robbix. 


Lynda first started working for Robertson Bixley as a wide-eyed 17-year-old to help out with some typing but soon moved on to a career in the banking industry.

At some point along the way she became a Bixley so, when she found herself at a loose end while on maternity leave, the offer to return to the Robertson Bixley office was made. The rest, you could say, is history…

Over the past 35 years, Lynda has worked on and off from home and in the office alongside husband Russell in various administration roles: reception, HR, recruitment, payroll, organising staff functions, and companies office but, for the past 10+ years, she’s been doing the tax job.

Some of Lynda’s highlights include watching Robertson Bixley grow from a small firm with eight staff to the team of 26+ staff we have today, seeing new technology developments and how it has changed our processes, in most cases improving efficiency and the ability to have the flexibility to work from anywhere.

She says Robertson Bixley is a family business, where staff and clients are also treated like family. She credits founding partner Selwyn for passing on much of his knowledge and learnings to her and the team. A number of longstanding team members have become close friends, and Lynda’s enjoyed watching them and their families grow.

One of her proudest moments has been watching her son, Nick, come into the business, starting at reception and working his way up to Director.

Lynda is excited for the next chapter and looking forward to having more time to spend with her family and grandchildren.

“Playing some golf, tramping, biking, taming my large garden and spending lots more time in the South Island.”

One thing she won’t miss? The “shop” talk at home.

“I was always on call at home for Russell’s work queries. It’s a good thing we can’t talk shop anymore. My laptop won’t be travelling anywhere with me!”