A warm welcome to Craig Carpenter and his clients! Craig has been working alongside our team at our Coles Crescent office for many years and is now on our team as a senior accountant. 

Craig Web photo (2)

Craig has been an accountant since the mid ’80s, working in the commercial world, with Inland Revenue and, since 1990, as a CA in Papakura.

He was born in Pukekohe and brought up on a farm in Karaka “so I have deep roots and passion for the area”.

He’s married with two grown up sons “who I get great pleasure from seeing them succeed in their chosen professions.”

Outside of work Craig enjoys reading, watching sport on TV (a lot of American Football nowadays) and walking his dog.

“I’m looking forward to the Rugby World Cup, I think it’s going to be close with a few upsets.”

What are looking forward to achieving as part of the Robbix team? 

I have had a sole practice firm in Papakura for the last few years and was offered a job in Robbix with my clients transferring to the firm. I found that this would be the best outcome for my clients as Robbix is a long established firm with and it will give my clients certainty as I move towards retirement. Having worked for Robbix previously, I know the team and their way of doing things, their expertise and professionalism is of a very high standard.

What is the best financial advice you’ve ever received?

Sometimes you need to take a step backwards to move forward. As any decision has costs at the early stage, but look at things when they are up and running as the rewards will come.

One common mistake most business owners make is…

Not getting the work/life balance right. We all need to step back occasionally and take a good break from work not only to recharge the “batteries”, but also to so you can look at things differently.