Good reviews are gold for your business. You can spend all day telling people how wonderful and great your product or service is, but what they really want is proof.

Showcasing testimonials and written or video case studies is a great way to do that because prospective customers are less inclined to believe what you, as a business, have to say. People are more interested in hearing and believing what other customers have to say, rather than what your sales staff have to say.

If this is an area of opportunity for you, start off with small steps

Ask your most loyal customers to send you a short statement on why they chose you, or what they like about your product or service.

Once you have a collection of these testimonials, use them as part of your marketing: on your website, back of your business cards, or even printed collateral.

Ask for them to add their review on your Facebook business page and on your Google Business profile. (Reviews show up next to your Google Business Profile in Maps and Search). Make the process easy by providing a direct link after a successful sale. (you can choose to have reviews on or off in the settings of your page – so you can decide if you are ready to implement this).

For bigger purchase decisions, case studies offer prospects a lot of detail on why you are the obvious choice. Choose customers or clients that you have a good relationship with. Ask a series of questions to highlight how the customer interacts with your business, the problem it solves for them, why they chose your business over the competition, and what they would say to others wanting a similar experience.

Your most loyal and satisfied customers can sell your business for you, through their story and their words.